The Last Sweet Strains of Summer

This week I started back into the round of in-services that preceed each school year. Oh, it is so hard to sit still for a long day of lectures after having several weeks of freedom of schedule and imagination and movement. I thought my brain was going to explode and they would be wiping splatters of cerebellum off my Very Important In-Service Notebook so they could pass it on to the next hapless soul who would have to take my place. Next week: more inservices and prepping our classrooms and souls to welcome a new batch of 7th graders.

We haven’t been blogging much lately. Besides working more, we’ve also been spending more time on our bikes. Sunday, I was late for church because Stacey and I ended up accidently taking a 25 mile bike ride when we intended to take a 15-mile jaunt. We ride with our friend and neighbor, Debi, on Wednesday night. If you live anywhere near the Woodstock neighborhood, you’d be welcome to join us. Nate organized a visit from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance at his office today so he’s getting to pass his interest in bicycle commuting on to others.

Last weekend we missed a really cool ride because we toured the Stoller Vineyard’s new winery with a group of architects and designers from Nate’s firm. Although his firm didn’t design the winery, they wanted to tour it because it was the first local winery to earn LEED Gold status (which means they did all these really great things to make their building more environmentally-friendly and sustainable). Before I moved here I didn’t know that the gorgeous Oregon Wine Country was just down the Willamette Valley from Portland. Apparently, they can grow certain varietals of grapes here because our weather conditions match those of certain regions of France. The Oregon Pinot Noir is particularly noted. While neither of us are wine experts (oenophiles?), we do enjoy the well-ordered countryside and the occasional wine tasting.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures of the winery as well as the electrical panels for the solar energy part of the winery so those who enjoy that sort of the thing can geek out on it.


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  1. just wanted you to know i read this blog too.

  2. and yes i have a blog too if anyone sees this

  3. hey, i resemble that comment.

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