Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

In our continued attempt to eat more locally and organically, we tried to grow a veggie garden this year. We suck at veggie gardening. Or maybe just our dirt was depleted. In August, when our plants were still the same size as they had been in May, we did a soil test. Yup, needs fertilizer. So the wise and bearded one made us some raised beds, we filled them with good dirt and planted a “winter garden”. So far, nothing has died. And some of our seeds even sprouted. We have one green pepper plant that is consistently cranking out the green peppers and we’ve had a few tomatoes so far. Kinda pathetic, but there’s hope–the rainy season has started and the earth is soaking it up in big hungry gulps.

In the meantime, we decided to try Organics to You (basically they gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse). This company buys local, organic produce and delivers it to your door. Here’s what came in the “Small Bin”:
-lemon cucumbers
-4 little plums
-a passel of green beans
-2 zucchini
-kale…how to eat that? Amy says saute it in butter and garlic
-green pears
-red pears
-all for the low introductory price of 14 dollars since we signed up at the Muddy Boots Festival

My major concern is that we won’t actually eat all of this abundance before some of it goes bad. We barely make it through a bag of greens some weeks. I do love the element of mystery–although you can check the website to see what’s coming, I’d rather just be surprised when I get home from work on Tuesday night. Also, I’m interested to learn to eat different fruits and vegetables than the sort of standard shopping list that we usually grab. We’ll do it again, unless our own little plot of earth starts miraculously producing a harvest.


8 responses to “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

  1. Have you seen or used the cookbook “Simply in Season?” It’s the latest in the “More-with-Less” series. I think you’d find it helpful in using your weekly produce.

  2. Wow. What a cool concept!! Yes, I’m a big fan of the Simply in Season cookbook as well. I am a wanna-be gardener that so far has only tried tomatoes.

  3. Wow! The produce looks great! Take advantage of it and just share the wealth if you have too much. Especially if you can find someone that really could use the food.

  4. Hey! you never told me you had a blog!

    The produce looks awesome and what fun waiting to see what comes in the mail on Tuesday evening. I think I’d be the same way. I would want to be surprised.

    I will refrain from saying that my garden did awesome this year but it seemed like I didn’t get enough cucumbers and tomato season didn’t feel long enough. One of my pepper plants is actualy up to my armpit. Yes, it is producing fruit. We had the best luck with our brown pepper plant, it’s been producing lots of peppers for weeks, the other plants are taking forever to turn color;red, orange and blush.

    Enjoy the produce and way to support locally grown organic food!!!!

    Go Millers!!!!

  5. I’ll bet you’re wondering who earth nymph is…..here are some hints:

    I’ve posted comments on two other sites: domestic goddess and pura vida. I believe you know those people.

    I consider my garden organic even though i live in one of the top ten most polluted cities in the U.S.

    My husband thinks camping is staying at a Holiday Inn Express.

  6. marlene… is that you?
    mark is the only guy i can think of who fits your description, but i didn’t know that elkhart was that polluted.

  7. Yes, it’s me. And yeah, Elkhart is that polluted, thanks to all our manufacturing. Now aren’t you glad you moved to the lovely Pacific Northwest.

  8. Oh, we’re ALWAYS glad we moved to the PNW. Except for all the great people we’ve left behind.

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