Random thoughts

–It’s Monday and I am at home. Why? Because I seem to have contracted the latest version of the cold virus going around school. I could probably have survived going to school today, but I was hoping that if I stayed home and let myself be really “sick” that I’ll get over it more quickly. The rest of the week is very busy.

–Last week was busy too. Nate is feeling stretched at work. Two of the guys he works closely with have moved on to other jobs and he feels a bit overwhelmed. When both of us are busy it gets complicated–we have 2 dogs that need care and one car to share. Last week I’d ride with Stacey to work so he could have the car. He’d come home around 5:00 p.m., let the dogs out of their crates, feed them, cook dinner. I’d get home from volleyball practice, etc. around 6:30 p.m. We’d eat together then Nate would go back in to work until about 11:30 or midnight and I’d clean up around the house and take the dogs for a walk. Not very much fun. Hopefully this week will be a little better.

–We had our last home community (small group from church) at our house last night. We’ve been hosting home community for a little over a year. It’s been good discipline to have to clean our house every week and we have mostly enjoyed hosting the group. It feels good to put our “big” house (by Portland standards) to work every week. But we are ready for a break, and our home community is restructuring. So, here’s to living like a slob for a while 🙂


One response to “Random thoughts

  1. You’ll just have to invite other people over regularly so that your house doesn’t get too bad. That’s one great tip I learned from you…”have people over so you’re motivated to clean.” I’m pretty neat but having company forces me to actually clean, not just pick up which is good, esp. for the bathroom.

    That must really stink for Nate to have to work that much!!!

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