Adventures of Abraham

I know we sound like cruel dog owners, but we crate our dogs every day when we go to work. In part, this was because Keegan had a lot of separation anxiety and did better when she was crated. When we got Abraham, he’d been used to having the run of the house and lawn when his previous owners were not home. We put in a dog door in the basement so the dogs can come and go as they please, and I let them do that pretty much all summer even when I was gone for a couple of hours. Keegan and Abe dug a few holes, but other than that there was not too much damage.

Once school began, I lobbied to allow the dogs to have free rule of the basement and backyard while we’re at work during the day. However, the Wise and Bearded One wasn’t as convinced as I was that they would behave themselves. We know that the Big Dog is a digger and the Little Dog is a barker, and we really don’t want to be the Neighbors with the Annoying Dogs. One day last week while Nate was out of town on business, I let the dogs out all day while I was at work. When I got home, they were just fine, but the flowerbed looked like they had tried to dig a hole to China. So I threw some dog poop in the bottom of the hole (to keep them from digging there again) and filled the hole in. No harm done.

Since then I’ve been trying to persuade Nate that we should let the dogs out more, especially when we’re both working really long days. Friday, Nate finally conceeded. He biked home at lunch time and let the dogs out for the afternoon. When he got home around 6:00 it was eerily quiet and the gate was standing open about 10 inches. Another big hole in a flowerbed, but no dogs. Suddenly, they burst through the basement door. Whew! The dogs had not escaped. They had only dug a hole to China. They had not annoyed the neighbors.

Then Nate noticed that Abe had an inch-long gash on his left foreleg. We’re not sure what happened but we’re speculating that Abe was jumping up against the chainlink fence and got his foot stuck through one of the holes. While pulling his foot back out the fence (or maybe the gate since it was open) he must have caught his leg on one of the loose wires.

So, once again we spent an evening in the doggy ER getting staples. And once again, one of our dogs is confined to conehead status. Which means we have a dog crashing around the house, bumping into things in the middle of the night, and unable to find a comfortable place to lay his head.

Right now, this is Abraham’s favorite position–resting his head on top of me while I try to sleep or watch t.v. I hope the next 10 days go by quickly! Ah, the joys of dog ownership.


3 responses to “Adventures of Abraham

  1. This summer I had a similar experience with out neighbor dog, Lady. A woven wire fence separates Lady from Daisy, and they love to chase back and forth along the fence and try to dig to each other underneath.

    One afternoon I suddenly heard a horrific screaching from the backyard. Both dogs were crouched near the fence, but Lady was the one making the racket. I quickly realized that her foot was stuck in the fence. Closer inspection revealed that she had pushed her foot under the fence, and when she tried to pull it back, had in fact pierced the webbing between her toes with a rusty fence wire! It was awful. The neighbor came out and held her head so she wouldn’t bite me, and I bent the fence and pulled her foot off of the wire. Immediately she stopped yelping and started jumping around happily.

  2. Hey! I heard you called on Thursday. Call again when you get home from work sometime.

  3. Darned fence! Kiki had also hurt herself in summer on the stupid fence. Except her cut was on her chest. And it was deep and long. And it looked ouchy. We almost took her to the vet. Because she has an outdoor dog status, she is not carted to a vet immediately. Had it been Sargis with a big cut, he would have ended up in people’s ER. But Kiki is fine now. It healed nicely.

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