The famous maple

The famous maple
Originally uploaded by Just Peachy!.

the last several days here haved started out quite foggy….
the sun manages to burn most of it off by midmorning….
someone (not us) was fortunate enough to be in the Japanese Garden to capture this.


4 responses to “The famous maple

  1. Deb, you’re killing me. It’s not as if I’m not already ready to move to Portland. But I have to stay here for another 2 years, 8 months and 1 day. So if you could say fewer nice things and post fewer gorgeous photos of your city, my life would be easier.


  2. wow. i made it my desktop background. rockin’ cool.

  3. It’s almost too perfect. Beautiful.

  4. Nathalie, we try so hard to be humble about this most perfect of cities that we live in, but, alas…

    The only thing that would make it “perfecter” is if you would move here.

    (I will not rest until you or Andrew move here 🙂

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