It was a pretty good day. We went out for coffee and breakfast at the Busy Corner and then took the dogs for a hike on Powell Butte. It was rainy and windy so we didn’t hike for too long, but we did get some good exercise. Our hearts beat so very quickly and nearly rise out of our chests every time Keegan disappears over the horizon. Will she come back to us or will she keep running so single-minded in pursuit of birds and rodents that she’ll forget where she left us? Then, just as we are starting to yell and whistle frantically, far off in the field, and usually in the opposite direction of where we last saw her, we’ll see a chocolate-y brown stub of a tail and two ears flapping as she bounds across the fields back towards us. Completely happy and in her element. Abraham runs to greet her and then she takes off again.

After the dogs were good and wet and tired, we brought them home and threw them in the bathtub. After they were clean and dry and fed, we left them in the basement to sleep off the rest of their Thanksgiving and we went to our friends’ Michael and Debra’s family Thanksgiving dinner. It is always a little uncomfortable spending a holiday with someone else’s family, but if we had to choose a family we’d probably pick theirs. We had fabulous food and a good time talking with the adults and playing with the kids. It made us miss our neices and nephews just a little bit.

Anyways, that’s what’s going on around here. We are thankful that you are out there in the blogosphere. It makes us feel like our friends and families are not so far away.

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