Reason #132 to Live in Portland

The Ankrom Moisan Christmas Extravaganza

The Wise and Bearded One and myself make sure we go to his company Christmas party every year. Not because we love company Christmas parties–oh no, we most definitely do not. But because Ruth plans a bigger and better party every year.

Last year the party was at Skamania Lodge in the Gorge and there was a New Orleans Mardi Gras theme complete with the March Fourth Marching Band performing.

This year, the invitations were three-dimensional pyramids and hinted at an Egyptian theme. The evenings events are always a closely-guarded secret, but rumors swirled about the office as to who would appear this year….Pink Martini??? The Bangles??? (The invitation did say “Walk Like an Egyptian” after all). The party was held in the fabulous Field’s Grand Ballroom in the newly renovated Portland Art Museum.

No, the Bangles did not perform, but we were not disappointed. The theme was loosely North African/Middle Eastern. The room was beautiful and has fabulous Moroccan themed paintings all around the room (we think it used to be a Masonic temple). The entertainment was first of all fortune-tellers and mehndi artists henna-ing temporary tattoos on guests. Then there were belly dancers (yes, really, and they had bellies, let me tell ya!). Last, but not least, there were aerial acrobats. I am kicking myself for leaving the camera in the car. The picture is one from the troupe’s own web site. It was breath-taking, excellent fun and avoided all the pitfalls of the average corporate party–having to make small talk with people you don’t necessarily know and having to dance with drunken slobs.

The Wise and Bearded One enjoys his job and thinks his firm is well-managed and well-positioned for the future. I don’t know about all that, but I know they can put on a fantastic Christmas party which is just a little pay back for all the time and energy he’s put into his work.


7 responses to “Reason #132 to Live in Portland

  1. Wow! That would definitely be interesting, but I think I would’ve been a little uncomfortable with all those bellies.

  2. I’m so jealous. We didn’t have a Christmas party this year. Stupid cheap program who can’t even buy us drinks for one night out of the year!

  3. I’m so jealous. We didn’t have a Christmas party this year. Stupid cheap program who can’t even buy us drinks for one night out of the year!

  4. #1. I’m jealous.
    #2. Yes, it did used to be a masonic temple. I used to work there (“Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding” aka the horrible excuse for theater show”).
    #3. I’m jealous.
    #4. Bellies — sigh.
    #5. Still jealous.

  5. Kris, the bellies weren’t nearly as distracting as I thought they would be, and the belly dancers were having so much fun! I haven’t seen as much giggling and ululating (?) in a long time 🙂

    Amy, I didn’t realize that was the site of the Tony’n’Tina show of shame.

  6. It was. Though that was pre-renovation, and I haven’t been there since. I’m sure they got all the ziti off the wall by now.

    Storm Large kicked as-terisk last night (I was going to say something else, but then I rememberd why your blog hasn’t been censored yet at school and mine has).

    Are you coming over tonight? You should. If not for the crafting, at least for the wine.

    We’re having wine.
    And stinky cheese.
    And I’m watching “The Office” at 8.
    Come over, dagnabitt!

  7. Um, also, Happy Anniversary!

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