Reason #253 to live in Portland

The Original Living Christmas Tree Company

This is just genius! This guy buys live Christmas trees, wraps their bases, rents them out to Portlanders at Christmas, then collects them and sells them as landscape trees.

The Wise and Bearded One and I once had a living Christmas tree when we lived in Indiana. We kept it inside too long and then the ground was too frozen to plant it, so the “living” part sort of didn’t pan out so well. I love, love, love Christmas trees, probably because we never had one in our household growing up. But I don’t like the mess they make–particularly trying to haul them around in the Jetta. Yes, we did once have a 7-foot tall pine IN our car….the tip was touching the windshield and the trunk was sticking out fo the trunk of our car. This was fine except that, to this day, there are still pine needles embedded in odd places in our car’s carpet.

The Original Living Christmas Tree Company seems to be the ideal solution for us. The tree was delivered at our door on Dec. 16 and will be picked up on Jan. 2. We don’t have to transport it at all. It’s a nice size tree and I love that it is not as groomed as many trees are. I hate the pencil-sharpener look. We have had a bit of a challenge getting it to stand exactly upright because it’s rootball is lumpy and uneven. But that’s ok.

Somebody should take this idea and run with it in other cities. It’s only a seasonal fling but I could see some entrepreneurial college students making some good money over their Christmas break!

P.S. Big Green, the chair of college fame, still lives….but barely.


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