Snow Day

Snow day
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Believe it or not, it snowed for 5 hours straight this morning. In Portland! We have about 3 inches of snow. They cancelled school for the day and a lot of businesses are shut down. You Mid-Westerners may now all laugh uproariously at the silly Oregonians who can’t drive in snow. I know I did.

Except that it really is ice/snow on the roads and the roads here do not go straight and level. You can be fine drive along a street here in town when suddenly you will need to climb a hill or turn a corner and you have NO TRACTION. So, I will stay home and be crafty and take the dogs for a walk. They rarely see snow so they don’t quite know what to think about it. Abe and Keegan spent about 10 minutes inhaling the stuff this morning trying to figure out what it was. Then they just went back to their normal activities (hunting for squirrels, hunting for cats, hunting for cat poo, barking at the mailman).


3 responses to “Snow Day

  1. I would also like to add the following in defense of Portlanders’ inability to drive in the snow:
    1. we hardly ever have it, so we don’t get to practice.
    2. the city doesn’t have enough snow management equipment.
    3. snow tires? traction tires?
    4. we have to put up with endless amounts of rain — so give us a break.
    5. we know a snow day means “more excuses to spend the morning with good friends” (loved our time together yesterday).

  2. And us “midwesterners” have no snow! I even saw snow every day that I was in AZ (northern AZ, for those that don’t know), but none at home (IN). Oh well…


  3. We had 3″ of little ice pellets. It was like walking and driving in sand, or a giant snow cone.

    Now the daily sun and mid 20s temperatures have conspired to keep the stuff in place but melt the top layer into a solid sheet of ice. So we have ice covering every square inch of the undulating ground and sidewalks (the roads have long been salted). It makes walking an energetic dog quite a challenge.

    If I could find a place to buy ice skates, I would go skating on the bike path!

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