Snow Day, Part 2 (and 3)

Snow Day in Portland
Originally uploaded by ndmiller.

Yes, I have officially had THREE days off from school due to snow. Yesterday it was a bit strange that I couldn’t make the 25-minute commute to school but Nate could still go on a business trip to California. The snow packed down into a slick surface that was nearly undriveable. Nate tried to get a cab to take him to the airport but no cabs were running. Trains and planes were on-time though so we put chains on the front tires of the Jetta and drove to the nearest Max station. Nate took the train to the airport and flew to San Jose. I stayed at home most of the day except for taking the dogs on a walk to the hardware store. When I went to pick up Nate at the Max station in the evening, the roads were pretty clear and we took the tire chains off.

Today our streets are completely fine–a little slushy but not slick in any way. The snow is about half way gone. Apparently conditions are still tough in Lake Oswego where it is much hillier. The houses with the spendy views on the hillsides have treacherous driving conditions. Plus, I don’t think the town or the school district actually owns a snow plow. I’m sure that we’ll be back in school again tomorrow. It will probably be a bit of a wash, educationally. I’m not sure we’ll be able to get kids to focus on school just for one day of school this week.

–Deb (whenever I blog from Flick’r, it shows that I am signed in as Nathan, but it’s not Nathan unless Nathan is female and dark haired and talkative and a teacher, and since he’s not ANY of these, it must be Deb)

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