Restaurant Review: Savoy Tavern and Bistro

Those of us Portlanders who live on the “East Side” (said in your best gangsta attitude) are always on the lookout for a great restaurant on our side of the river. Many of our fair city’s restaurants are clumped downtown and in the Pearl district.

However, there’s a little clump of new and fabulous restaurants springing up around the Division/Clinton Street neighborhoods. There’s Vindalho and Nuestra Cocina and Lauro. And most recently, we’ve discovered the Savoy Tavern and Bistro. It’s simple midwestern food cooked with care and great fresh ingrediants. Somewhere I read the food described as “Wisconsin Modern”. We’ve eaten there twice and have thoroughly enjoyed everything we’ve ordered. I especially recommend the mac’n’cheese and the meatloaf. And I’m not the type of person who would normally recommend ordering meatloaf in a restaurant.

You can read more about it here.

P.S. I heart Willamette Week.


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