End of an Era

For the eleven years that we’ve been married, we’ve been a single car household.  At first it was from economic necessity.  We simply couldn’t afford two cars.   Gradually we also became convinced of the importance of living more gently on the earth and so we tried to limit our gas guzzling.

Having one car, while sometimes challenging, also had it’s advantages.  We had to communicate on a daily basis about who was going where and when.  There were daily phone calls to arrange rides and schedules and make sure someone was going to get home early enough to let the dogs out before they peed on the basement floor.  We tried to be patient about giving each other rides or waiting for each other.  We bought homes closer to where we worked.  We road our bikes more and walked to the grocery store and the hardware.

Lately the disadvantages have outweighed the advantages.  Nate’s been working lots of hours which means that I either spend a good chunk of time every evening shuttling him to and from work, or I stay at home so Nate can have the car (hence all the crafting you’ve been seeing on beesnest).  Also the faithful old green Jetta has been showing her age–the power locks quit working, the gas gauge is set permanently on E, and she needs a brake job.   These are not exactly signs you want to see in your only source of transportation.

This weekend we added a second car to our household.  She’s a sassy little red wagon.  A VW Jetta Wagon TDI to be exact.   She gets great gas milage, has room for the dogs in the back and has a c.d. player—which makes her basically my dream car.  Today was the first day in eleven years of marriage that Nate and I each drove to work and came home separately in our “own” cars.  It was freeing and a bit strange.  I called Nate at the end of the day anyways…just to say hi.


5 responses to “End of an Era

  1. Very cool car! We’re jealous. We’ve been eyeing the Jetta wagons for a long time. Can’t wait to check it out when we come visit.

  2. Hey! I want to see a picture!

  3. what happened at blogspot? the new one is nice … enchanced with 75% more brown for free.

    nice wheels. does it do tricks?

  4. Welcome to WordPress! (I love the car).

  5. That is a cool ride! Amazing that you made it 11 years with one car.

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