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so, one of the benefits of my trips to california was that i was almost able to catch the san jose leg of the tour of california this week… i say almost because i missed the final sprint of the lead group by about 30 seconds. i left a meeting, looked up and saw the choppers that were filming the race very close and realized i had 6 blocks to go, so i took off running down the sidewalk and got there a little too late. i did get to see the podium ceremonies and some of the later riders coming in though.
oh, and i almost saw floyd landis too. while rushing from city hall to another meeting, i passed about 10 feet behind a booth where he was sitting, as i later found out. oh well, i’ll try to catch him in france.

the picture is of the yellow jersey holder levi leipheimer who went on the win the whole tour today. a prediction, if i may… levi leipheimer takes the tour de france.


4 responses to “Levi!

  1. I’m not a real bike fan; I just started tagging along after Floyd won the ToC. And I really only like Floyd, but Dave Zabriskie is a pretty funny guy too.

    Nonetheless, I’m very impressed by your story of seeing Levi and (almost) Floyd.

    Floyd grew up about 30 minutes from where my parents live, and we had similar home lives, so I’ve been following his story very closely. We’ll have to have a conversation about him in June. Maybe we’ll know more by then. Do you read TBV?

  2. jason.
    yup, i read TBV everyday… and i still have a lunch bet riding on the outcome of this whole roostered-up affair. before the tour started last year i bet a co-worker that floyd would take it. i havent believed for a second that he’s guilty.

    i still can’t believe i missed seeing floyd. i organized my day in such a way that would give me the best chance of seeing him and catching the race, but fate managed to screw up my schedule.

  3. matt eversole

    Are you actually going to France in July? Wondering because I keep entertaining the notion of going to the tour as an end to my time in Iraq.

    /\/\att Eversole

  4. Sounds like fun in California. I hope to make it to that tour sometime soon. Of course, I like to go to France too, but not for awhile.

    I hope you’re not betting on Levi to win the TdF 2010, given he just signed with the Shack, I think he’ll be on pulling duty for Armstrong.

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