Reason #58 to Live in Portland

Crab Cakes Collage

Originally uploaded by ndmiller.
Crab cakes! Yes, it’s Dungeness Crab season. These crustaceans of the Northwest are one of our favorite delicacies. The other weekend we went to McCormick & Schmicks because they were advertizing a crab celebration. I had some good crab cakes there.

But they were nothing like these delectable morsels that the Wise & Bearded One fried up the other night. First he spent several hours picking luscious white lumps of meat out of the crab. Then he used he secret recipe. Ok, maybe it’s not too secret. I think it’s some variation on the one out of the Cook’s Illustrated cookbook. Whatever he did, they were exponentially better than the restaurant crab cakes–crunchy on the outside smooth and “crabby” on the inside. It’s hard to make the sound of contentment in print so just imagine it here: ahhhhhhh……

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