France, Baby!

Yes, that’s right! We’re going to France in July. That’s me in the green sweater and my co-teacher, Stacey, in the black and white print. One day at work we were talking about how when we became teachers we always thought we would travel in the summers. And why weren’t we travelling in the summers anyway? Then Amy, the drama teacher in the red, piped up and said she REALLY wanted to go to France this summer, and then Tristan in the black dress said she wanted to go to. And so we are.

Women-only trip Paris through Provance for two weeks in July. Then the other teachers are flying out, and the Wise and Bearded One is flying in and we’re going to try to catch a couple of days of the Tour de France and maybe spend a couple of days in the Motherland (Switzerland or Germany depending which Mother you’re talking about).

The photo above is from a “planning meeting” last weekend at Gilt, a posh little restaurant in downtown Portland. Viva la France!


6 responses to “France, Baby!

  1. jealous much? yes i am. i will claim “not fair.”

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time. And yes, I’m jealous too! In my dreamworld I would be able to travel all over Europe. And Hawaii. And Alaska. All along the Pacific Coast. Oh well, lots of places that I haven’t been to (and probably never will).

  3. aaaaaawsome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i want to go too!!!!!!!!
    and i agree with Chris.
    could you at least think of us while you’re there? in return i’ll think of you, and maybe it will translate into me being there with you guys in my thoughts? whaaaaat?! (i need to go to bed, indeed.) i am very happy for you, Deb. and Nate, i guess. 🙂 the girl part sounds exciting – 2 weeks in France…

  4. Yippee! Agne commented on our blog. Hi there, sister-in-law! Yes, we’re excited about this since neither of us have ever been in Europe. Agne, we want to go to Lithuania with you and Dave some day.

  5. Deb, I was reading Joyce’s blog and wondered who is this Deb that is commenting on her blog. I clicked on your blog and now I know you a little better. Cool to read about what your up to…..and FRANCE? My DREAM!!!!! I’m so envious!!!!!!!
    Anyways you are a great writer and I really enjoyed your blog. Heather G.(Donovan’s wife)

  6. Hi Heather! Nice to see you in the blogosphere. Do you have a blog?

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