Strippers and Alcohol

I took off the other weekend for some time with some of my best women friends. While I was out of town, the Wise and Bearded One spent his weekend with strippers and alcohol. Oh, you wouldn’t know it from his mild manner but he’s a crazy one, he is. Crazy with the paint stripper, denatured alcohol and random orbital sanders.

When we first moved into this house, we tore up all the nasty shag carpetting to uncover the hardwood floors. On the main level, the floors are in decent condition, but in the upstairs the floors were in poor shape with a worn coat of brown paint around the borders. My thought was that we would eventually re-carpet the upstairs as a noise barrier and to avoid having to refinish more wood flooring. Nate, however, is in love with wood.

When I came home, Nate said he had a surprise for me and sheepishly led me upstairs to the newly sanded guest room. I tried to be all supportive and “good job, honey”, but inside I was pretty ticked off. We have all of these unfinished projects around the house and here he goes starting another one! And the guest bedroom was one room that was pretty much “done” by my book.

After looking at it for a couple of days, I’m over being mad. It looks pretty good and we can always put a big area rug in there to help with the noise and comfort factors. Now I just want him to finish the project–rehang the trim, patch the paint, move all the furniture back in. We seem to be really good at starting projects around here but not so good at finishing them.


One response to “Strippers and Alcohol

  1. love the name of the post. i wonder how many people thought of actual strippers and alcohol when they read the title. i must have lived in the family long enough to first think of paint, rather than…

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