The Barkdust Lounge

Nate has grandiously dubbed our basement “the Barkdust Lounge” (did you know that barkdust is what they call wood chip mulch here in Oregon?). Anyways, when we bought the house the basement was “finished”, then we unfinished it, and now we are ever so slowly putting it back together.

Last week I painted the interior wall a dark chocolaty-red. Yum. Then I rearranged the furniture and hung a few more pieces of Nate’s poster art. It’s starting to come together. We do need to take out the windows and reframe them. Some brilliant builder framed them in with untreated lumber and the frames are starting to rot. Once that is done, we can trim out the rest of the basement, hang a new basement door and call it good. Wonder how many months that will take us?!


3 responses to “The Barkdust Lounge

  1. Of course I LOVE the red!

  2. it looks super!

    plus: what the heck does barkdust mean to you if not woodchips?!

  3. Tabs, we didn’t even know there WAS such a word as “barkdust” before we moved to the Left Coast. That and “spendy” are our favorite PNW words.

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