Between Rain Showers

At school during the day, I often look out the window and catch those beautiful sun-streaked moments between rain showers. I want to run home and stick my fingers in the warm earth. But then it starts raining again. And I start working again.

raised bed #2 (and 3)We found some moments between rain showers to work on the lawn and garden this past weekend. We’re slowly making our way through the flower beds weeding, removing debris and putting on a layer of barkdust. We also once again de-grassed our three small raised beds that we call our vegetable garden. How come it always seems that grass doesn’t grow where you want it to but grows extraordinarily well where you DON’T want it to?

In the first raised bed we put in some red cabbage starts from the nursery and some bean sprouts that I had started inside the house a couple of weeks ago. I know the cabbage should be fine with a little cold weather or another frost but I’m not so sure abraised bed #1out the beans. I have some more starts inside that I can put out and replace the beans if they don’t make it.

In the second raised bed, we put out some broccoli starts from the nursery. We had to rip out all of the baby onions that I started too late last year because they were totally overgrown with grass. I replanted them in neat rows and they seem to be doing well.

I have a few more starts in the house (lemon cucumber!?) and some seeds that I will put out once we’re past the danger of frost. April 15th is supposed to be the magical frost-free date around here. I also have some herbs for my herb garden and a bunch of new blueberry bushes to plant. I’m looking forward to more breaks between rain showers next weekend to get those into the ground.


One response to “Between Rain Showers

  1. Ooo…I’m most jealous of the blueberry bushes. You can not find them around here. Maybe I’ll have to try to grow some myself.

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