Landscaping the Side Yard, Project Post #2


I was talking to my mom the other day on the phone and she said, “I haven’t heard much from you lately. You must be really busy.” And we have been.  But when I tried to explain what we were doing that was making us busy but I really couldn’t. Sometimes I have to take time to sit down and think about it, or even write it down, to be able acknowledge what we have accomplished.  Most of the time I’m thinking about all the projects that AREN’T finished yet.

Here’s one of the projects. Last year Nate had some large rocks delivered from the local stoneyard and put into our lawn. This year we actually got around to landscaping around them so they’re not stranded out there like miniature volcanic islands in a sea of grass. Nate also ripped out three very overgrown shrubs on the side of the house and replaced them with smaller and more easily-maintained plants.
You can’t really see it in the picture but we planted six blueberry bushes (3 normal size, 3 mini) and a slew of strawberry plants as part of our landscaping. There are also ornamental grasses and a few random perennials that were transplanted from other flowerbeds. We’re hoping to grow a tiny bit more of our own food through edible landscaping, plus we’re slowly but surely eating away at our lawn. We figure that if we widen each of our flowerbeds a foot or two every year, we will reduce the amount of grass to mow. That will be a good thing because, honestly, grass is not very happy in Portland in the summer. It is too hot and dry and it gets brown and crusty. Ornamental grasses, native plants, and mediteranean plants do much better with our soggy winters and dry summers.

More posts coming soon. Maybe. Seven more days of school. Seven.


2 responses to “Landscaping the Side Yard, Project Post #2

  1. Your place is looking SO NICE! A lot of hard work, I know, but it’s really paying off! Wish I could see it. And you! I really miss you guys. Enjoy your summer off, Deb. (I’m jealous)
    Lova ya!

  2. I’m a big fan of the Miscanthus ornamental grass for landscaping in Portland. Have several myself, and just divided them, which is pretty easy. Makes for good gifts to other gardeners too.

    MDV / Oregon

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