Talking about our Vacation

We’ve been back since Wednesday working through the post-vacation tasks: multiple loads of laundry, weedy overgrown garden, mail to sort, “stuff” to put away, and trying to sleep past 4:30 a.m. Gotta love jetlag! Anyhow, most of that is finished now so we can return to our regularly scheduled programming.

You can read about my travels with my teacher-friends over here on TravelGals. We had a good time together and really saw a lot of France. However, I was really ready to see Nate when he arrived in Marseilles. We walked around the port city of Marseilles, visited the Chateau D’If (the prison that Dumas used as a setting for the Count of Montecristo–one of Nate’s favorite books), and drove down the coast to the beach resort village of Cassis.

We planned our route so that we were near the Tour de France several times and we sat and watched one stage of the Tour as it headed into Marseilles. We could have watched a second stage but decided not to because it was really quite warm. Watching the Tour means 3-4 hours in the sunshine because you have to find your spot before the road is shut down and then you have to have a picnic and drink some wine (like all of the Europeans who are out with you to see the race). Then you have to stand beside the road and scream and shout for about an hour while the caravan passes by so that you can get good parade “loot”–hats, water bottles, coupons, etc. After that it is at least another hour before you hear the helicopters that mean the cyclists are only a few kilometers away. Then—swish, swish, swish—the cyclists pass you and it’s all over for the day.

You can see pictures over here.


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