the damp

as predicted in the last post, during last weekend’s livestrong challenge, we had about 39.1 miles in the rain. it wasn’t as miserable as it sounds and any ride is a good ride. a few pictures

then, on sunday evening, we attended a sad event for our neighborhood, the last dinner at the busy corner grocery. the cioppino and wine were delicious, but little comfort to the loss of our favorite place to unwind with a latte on the weekends.


5 responses to “the damp

  1. Very very sad. Busy Corner is one of my favorite memories of Couchfest 2007. Last night I bought a small press coffee pot, and this morning I was remembering the amazing lattes as I had my not as good cup of coffee. Do you know why they are closing?

  2. well, they were evicted… inexplicably. the landlord must be mental . they are going to travel in spain for a while and then hopefully come back and start a new venture…. we’ll keep you posted.

  3. I mourn the loss of the Busy Corner. There are all these corner liquor stores in our neighborhood and I keep eyeing them and envisioning our own Busy Corner.

  4. Profoundly sucky, indeed.

  5. Okay, this is the second neighborhood place that has closed before I got to go there (first “Sunday” now BC!)!!! I am really sad I missed out!

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