Party Clothes

Nature’s put her party clothes on for a last hurrah before winter.  We put on our party clothes too and went to the annual referral party for Morgan Davis, our realtor.  I know that sounds geeky and it is…to go to a party hosted by your realtor.  But we really like Morgan and his team and refer our friends to him.  And then Morgan puts on a really good party and we get to go hang out with our friends Michael & Debra because they’re Morgan’s clients too.


4 responses to “Party Clothes

  1. Hey, we have a realtor named Morgan who throws great parties too. It’s like we’re living duplicate lives on opposite coasts.

  2. Since when have you changed your name to Michael?

    Great photo!

    Love ya!

  3. And we love his parties because our friends Tom and Rachel go as well. It’s like we’re twins but different.

    BTW, Deb, your hair looks great in that photo.

  4. Rod & Nat–Too bad we can’t get our Morgans to throw a joint party somewhere where we could all hang out.

    Mary–Nate’s secret identity crisis has now been revealed on the internets.

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