Little Victories

Yesterday we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  I know it’s crazy! 12! We must have been mere infants when we got married.  It’s not been an easy year of marriage.  There are times when our marriage has been easy–we’ve been in agreement and a cohesive Unit.  And there are other times when our marriage has been a constant struggle–negotiations and attempts at compromise between two opinionated and stubborn people.  This has been such a year.  Both of us are in it for the long haul and we know that we will do the hard work of marriage with hopes that someday it will be easy again.

Last night we toasted our marriage at the Victory Wine Bar in Portland.  This was the first time we’d been there, but we were drawn in by the cozy warm interior and lack of a wait for a table (oh, that is prized in Portland on a Friday night!).  It was a great place for a date.  We sat in the corner in the soft candle light and ordered food that reminded us of the Alsace or Black Forest.  The spaezle with gruyere cheese and carmelized shallots was divine!  It gives any mac-n-cheese I’ve ever had a run for its money.  Mussels with chorizo.  Hanger steak with chanterelle mushroom risotto.  Chocolate pots de creme.  Need we say more?  Get thee to the Victory Wine Bar at Division and 36th!

Celebrate the little victories in life (we are still married).


2 responses to “Little Victories

  1. Congrats! And enjoy your vacation to the Great Midwest. 🙂

  2. Many congratulations on such a big accomplishment. I like your description of marriage, perhaps because it mirrors my own experience. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few days!

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