I’ll Be Home for Christmas….Maybe

We set the alarm clock for 5:30.  Arose from the depths of slumber to finish backing our bags so we could catch a cab to the airport at 6:15.  We got to the airport at 6:35 for our 8:30 flight.  We tried to check in at the curb but the United guy told us our plane was delayed and we’d have to check in at the desk inside.   We stood in a long line for a long time.

The flight was delayed for 10:37.  And then it was delayed until 10:39 (make up your minds, people!).  The plane was slow to board.  We stood in a long line for a long time.

The plane pushed off from the gate and headed down the runway.  Just as the engines revved up, the plane turned around and headed back to the gate.  Problems with the air pressurization system.  Take off delayed until 11:45.  The United mechanics jiggled things and the pilots took the plane out to try again.  Once more the engines revved, the air pressurization system failed and the take off was aborted.  The United mechanics giggle things some more.  They need a new gasket or some sort of whatchamacallit that is in San Francisco.  They’ll fly it to Portland and fix the plane.  Maybe.  Meanwhile please deplane and try to work with the travel agent to figure out your connecting flights.

We’re still at PDX.  We’ve been standing in a long line for a long time.


3 responses to “I’ll Be Home for Christmas….Maybe

  1. That REALLY, Really stinks.

  2. Oh, IDK. If you have to spend several hours in an airport, Portland is pretty good. Still, I hope you make it to Indiana.

  3. Oh, glory! I’ve been thinkin’ about y’all…wondering how the flight was going…hope you had a nice meal at Stanfords. 🙂

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