Snow to the 10th power


Originally uploaded by ndmiller

This weekend it was gorgeous and sunny. And Portlanders know that when the sun comes out in February, the Portlanders go out and play. We headed up the mountain to see the snow. Mt. Hood has had 200 inches of snow this year. This photo was taken at the parking lot at Trillium Lake (not even near the top of the mountain). This is really how deep the snow is—it is not piled up by snowplows–those piles were even taller and at the end of the parking lot.

We thought we would take the dogs up to play in the snow. Hah. You can’t really play in 10 feet of snow. If you get even a bit off the beaten path you are flailing about in snow up to your waist. We actually lost Abraham for a while because he got stuck in deep snow and couldn’t get back to us. Nate had to slide down to where he was and help him wallow back up to the “path”. By the time we got back to the car, Abe was so tired that Nate had to lift his hind quarters into the car.

You can see more pictures over on Flickr.


3 responses to “Snow to the 10th power

  1. I am all astonishment. Snow! In Portland!

  2. Words fail me!!

  3. I think we need to plan a snowshoeing day with you guys soon! Doing anything this weekend??

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