Sunshine, the yellow kind

Arizona is a shock to the system after months of what we call “liquid sunshine” here in Oregon. The sun was so bright that the squint lines around our eyes felt like they’d been perma-pressed. We went to Arizona to visit Nate’s brother and family who live on the Hopi Reservation, 70 miles east of the Grand Canyon. We had so much fun with our nieces and nephews. Bryce is a detail-oriented, scientifically-minded teenager. Tara is obsessed with horses and sneaks off to read whenever she can (reminds me of myself at that age). Seth is rambunctious and mischievous as ever and Sharayah is still a little cuddlebug. We went hiking almost every day we were on the mesa–in the wash by their house, off the mesa behind the village, and in Coal Mine Canyon. We’d like to go back and hike into Supai with them some day.

After all that sunshine, we came back to 30 degree temperatures and SNOW (unseasonably cold). Maybe we should have stayed a couple of more days in Arizona where the sunshine is not liquid.

P.S. There are more pictures over here.


2 responses to “Sunshine, the yellow kind

  1. You know–I squinted while on our way to church today and thought–wow! This is hurting my facial muscles!

  2. I miss the sun.

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