Urban Chickens

Yes, we succumbed.  We’re not exactly sure what we’ve succumbed to—-the hipster fad going around Portland or our Mennonite farmer genes?!  Either way, we came home from the nursery yesterday with four 6-day-old chicks.  Two of them are Ameraucanas which will some day lay blue or green eggs.  The other two little white puff balls are Columbian Wyandottes.

Right now they are sitting in an oversize cardboard box on my craft table in the office (far away from the dogs) chirping contentedly.

They check the thermometer frequently to make sure it’s staying a cozy 95 degrees.

We’re trying to come up with names for them.  Since the Wise and Bearded One and I tend toward dark humor we’re thinking up names like Chick Filet, Fricasee, Colonel Sander and Ina Pot.   Our friend Amy is much nicer than we are and suggested some traditional hen names like Lula Mae and Lola Belle.  Right now Keegan and Abe’s vote goes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Midnight Snack.

Got some better ideas?  We’re open to suggestions, so come on down and Name That Chicken!


5 responses to “Urban Chickens

  1. i am so stinkin jealous. i’ve been wanting chickens for years. we always had them growing up and they were usually my responsibility, so i feel like i know something about them. but elkhart forbids them in the city limits, alas.

    big congrats!

  2. Pollo. Puffball. Dogfood. Nugget. Tender. Honey-glazed.

  3. Eggo…Cheep/Cheap…Second Breakfast (a little long, I know)…McMuffin…

  4. ditto the jealousy. can’t have them here either. although, i’m not so sure about blue or green eggs. sounds like a Dr Seuss problem to me.

  5. After nurturing 8 cute chicks (who were cute for two days) for several weeks in a box in the garage, changing lots of newspaper, dumping poop out of water and enduring a rather farmish smell, we finally moved our chickens out to their big pen outside. Later that afternoon, some known but unnamed golden retriever killed two of them.

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