Chicken Update #2

Yesterday the chicks were 6 weeks old.  They have now moved from chick stage to “pullet”.  They are full-feathered and putting on weight fast and have developed very distinct personalities.   They’ve moved out of our guest room into a giant cardboard box in the garage.  The neighbor kid is obsessed with the chickens and wants to come over and play with them whenever we’re outside.  The dogs are also totally obsessed with them and have figured out that if they put their front paws on the windowsill and look in at just the right angle, they can see the chicks from the back yard.  We call it “chicken TV”.

When the weather is nice we let them roam outside for a little while.  We have a dog crate that we’ve set up for them in the side yard so we can let them peck away at the grass and bugs.  We usually have them out there when we’re gardening.  When one of us comes upon a fat, juicy slug we toss it into the make-shift coop and, oh, the excitement, the hubbub that ensues!!!  One of them will grab the choice tidbit, squeal in delight and take off with the other girls in hot pursuit.  Inevitably the first chick gets so excited that she drops the treat and one of the other chicks nabs it and gulps it down before the others have a chance to get it back.   Sometimes we just sit and watch the chickens.  It’s our version of “chicken TV”.

You can see more chicken pictures over here. The chickens are not very good at sitting still and posing for portraits so we end up taking a lot of pictures of chicken butt.  The chicks have already grown significantly in the last week since the most recent photos were taken.


One response to “Chicken Update #2

  1. Love the chicken updates! They are hilarious, and very cute! Good luck, and let me know when you find the first eggs! Love, Wen

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