Meet A Chick: Chipmunk

Baby Chipmunk

As you can see, baby Chipmunk earned her name for the distinctive stripes on her body under her wings.  She was such a cute chickie!

Not that she’s not handsome now.  As she’s grown real feathers she’s lost her chipmunk stripes but gained lovely barred wing feathers and a reddish head.  She has beady golden eyes and a head and beak that remind me of a raptor.  I think we’re going to have to come up with a fierce womanly name so she can be in good company with Amelia Earhart,Chipmunk Isabella Bird and Audrey Hepbird.  I was thinking Eleanor Roosevelt seemed about right for her temperament but the Wise and Bearded One believes Chipmunk needs the name of a fierce AND beautiful woman.  Any suggestions out there?  For the time being, she remains our beloved Chipmunk, second in command only to Amelia.


7 responses to “Meet A Chick: Chipmunk

  1. call her Marylin Monroe

  2. Jezabel

    (after all, she may yet be eaten by dogs.)

  3. Mata Hari?

  4. Seems the name ought to be Chickmunk. -Dad

  5. what kind of chicken is she? I have two baby chicks that look EXACTLY like that! The eggs were given to me by someone for my broody hen to hatch.

  6. i have 1 that looks exactly like it to 🙂

  7. It might possibly be a Brown Leghorn, but I am not sure.

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