Cycle Oregon–Weekend at the Coast

This weekend we participated in our first Cycle Oregon adventure.  We first heard about Cycle Oregon because they do these great week-long rides every fall.  Unfortunately, these are timed inconveniently for those of us that work in the school systems.  But for Nate’s birthday this year, I bought us passes for the weekend ride.

The ride was based out of Ft. Steven’s State Park near Astoria, Oregon….for those of you not so familiar with our state’s geography, that’s the tippy-top northwest corner of Oregon where the Columbia River flows into the Pacific Ocean.  In this picture you can see a small portion of the tent village with the Columbia River and Washington in the background.

Since all the rides were loop-rides based out of the park you could really customize the lengths of the rides.  We saw lots of bike geeks there doing the full 60-70 miles each day, but we also saw lots of families riding the shorter routes.  We rode 40 miles on Saturday and about 48 miles on Sunday. More pictures here. (see if you can find us in this picture)

The highlight of the ride was the 4 miles across Astoria bridge.  You can see pictures of it over here. But what you can’t see are the sound effects:  (climbing) huff, puff, puff, huff, shift down, huff, puff, huff, puff, then the top (relief)  “Wheeee!!!” (downhilling at a ferocious pace), “Ack!!!” (panic),  whoosh (truck going by) “ahhhh, I survived”.  Something like that.


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  1. Are you at the middle-right-edge?

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