Just the FAQs, ma’am

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Really?

A:  Yes, really.  We’re having a baby in late February.

Q:  How do you feel?

A:  Initially we felt sort of ambiguous.  We’ve really enjoyed the 12 years of marriage with just the two of us, but we think we’re ready for a new challenge (ha!).  We discussed the pros and cons of children/no children for quite a while and finally decided to just see what would happen.  And, well, all of our parts appear to work.  It’s been a mental adjustment, but we’re starting to get a little excited.

Q:  No, I meant how do you feel physically?

A:  Deb has felt pretty good.  Just tired.  The afternoon nap is now mandatory.  Not too much queasiness if she does a good job of feeding herself on a regular schedule.  Nate feels hot because it’s 101 degrees in Portland and he rode his bike to work and back.


3 responses to “Just the FAQs, ma’am

  1. Been happy for you all day! You know, in a Deranged Parent kind of way. 🙂

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I must admit – my jaw dropped to the floor when I heard the news, but I’m so happy for you and know you’ll be amazing parents!

  3. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to hear more..

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