Quick Trip to Ohio


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For my birthday this year, I decided to take a quick trip to Ohio for the weekend to see my sister. My mom drove out from Indiana and we had a great weekend together. Mostly we played a lot with Kalvary, Glory and Malachi, but we also got to do a little shopping, go out for dinner, and catch up on each others’ lives. I posted a bunch of photos on Flickr, mostly because my mom and sister wanted to see them, but you can go look at them too if you want to.

An added bonus of any trip to Ohio is that I can fly in and out through the Columbus airport. This gives me a wonderful reason to spend a day with my very best friend from childhood, Amy Eversole Fox. And now a trip to spend the day with Amy means I also get to see Mr. Fox and Baby Fox.

Even though it was a quick trip, it was very rich and full. I can not say the same about the travel days on each end—interminable hours waiting in the airport due to mechanical delays, a non-stop 6 hour flight from Philly to PDX with no food or drinks since I didn’t have enough cash for those stupid airport boxed snacks. Oh well. It was worth it.


One response to “Quick Trip to Ohio

  1. hey deb. sounds like a good trip. i wonder if the name malachi is becoming en vogue? it seems like growing up it was just my bro, the biblical character, and some doofus from the television saga the north and the south. but now i’ve got one in my seventh grade classes this year, and i’d forgotten that your sis has one of her own. maybe “malachi” is the next ubiquitous “matthew” or “john.”

    sorry i missed your call the other night. i’d call you back, but i’m sure your schedule doesn’t always match mine and i’m paranoid about disturbing the nap of a mom-in-utero. if you get time, today would be a pretty free day to call me, up until 8ish — maybe 9ish — my time.

    best to you three and the chix and abe and keenan.

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