More Chicken Farmin’

Miss Isabella Bird, one of our black and white Columbian Wyandottes, proudly produced three eggs this week.  Not bad for her first week of laying!  The first one was diminutive in size, but each successive egg has been a wee bit bigger.  The production of an egg is announced with a great deal of clucking and squawking and running about.

Yesterday, Amelia Earhart the Ameraucana decided to join in on the egg laying.  How do we know it was her?  Her eggs are blue-green versus the Wyandotte’s brown eggs.

We have two Ameraucanas and two Wyandottes.  The two egg-layers are obviously developmentally ahead of the other two pullets.  Rita Hayworth’s face has turned deep red but she’s not squatting around like the laying girls yet.  Audrey Hepbird is definitely thefurthest from laying.Her body doesn’t even look fully mature yet but she’s always been a little behind the other girls and she’ll probably catch up in the next couple of weeks.

That’s the news from down on the urban



9 responses to “More Chicken Farmin’

  1. Love the “Eat Beef” sign! That chicken coop is great!

  2. Awesome coop….love the living roof…..we have a chicken named Amelia. Amelia turned out to be first in flight and the adventurous one. Also, we HAD a chicken named Bella. She/he turned out to be a rooster. I really miss that chicken….Grace and Peace

  3. Pretty foral arrangement Neat photos with the eggs

  4. Giving credit where credit is due:
    -The “Eat Beef” sign is a gift from our wonderful friends in Kansas
    -The floral arrangement was a happy “unbirthday” gift from my friend Amy

    Welcome, 7city chickens! Do we know you in real life?

  5. you should be professional chicken-namers!

  6. did we give you that sign????

  7. You were right Deb… that really is the Taj Mahal of chicken coops!

  8. Yes, Mel, I think Jason brought that sign for us when you came out for Couchfest. It’s a great addition to the coop!

  9. Hey Deb and Nate, Donovan was looking at your blogs and came accross the exciting news of your baby!!! I can’t believe I haven’t been to your blog for so long. So sorry, esp. that I missed our on such wonderful news. We are so thrilled for you both and can’t wait to see all the excitng changes your life will make. Having that first baby is beyond exciting. You won’t believe how much you can love someone else.


    (p.s. Thanks so much for your encouragement on my blog.)

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