Reason #325 to live in Oregon


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The Mail-In Ballot!

-No long lines
-No taking off work
-Do your research while you fill out your ballot
-Drink a cup of tea
-Drop your ballot off a the post office or the library


4 responses to “Reason #325 to live in Oregon

  1. Yeah, but do you get a sticker then? I need the personal validation of a sticker. Plus I like the communal process of all getting together. But other than those things I think mail-in ballots are absolutely the way to go.

  2. I for one am SO GLAD I’m not standing in line (which I’m hearing around the country today are averaging a one-hour wait) with three kids. Who knows who’d I’d vote for when I finally got to the booth!

  3. Unfortunately, no sticker but Starbucks will still give you a free cuppa joe if you claim you voted.

  4. I wanted to go to the polls this year, thinking it would be like it was in Lancaster – maybe three other people in line if it’s a busy time. However, after standing in line for ages and dealing with well-meaning, but really stupid poll workers … I’ve mailed in my form to use a mail-in ballot in the future. Sigh. p.s. I LOVE the pic layout. Gobama!

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