Baby Bump, 6 Months

Every evening about 8 o’clock the Sprout begins her aerobics routine of high kicks, punches, and squats.  I’ve taken up pre-natal yoga but apparently the Sprout didn’t get the message that we’re working towards calm and serenity.  I hope she’s not thinking of taking up kickboxing and roller-blading next!  The fun part of the nightly aerobics session is that Nate can feel her kicks now by putting his hand on the bump so he’s getting his first chances to share a little bit in the strange trip we call pregnancy.

I’m healthy and feeling pretty good most of the time, just extra tired.  My blood work came back indicating that I am in the borderline area for anemia so I’m taking iron supplements and trying to eat iron-rich food to see if that helps.  Other than that, all systems are go.

When I’m not too tired from making a baby, I’ve been making things.  You can see the stuff that I make over here, if’n you’re interested in that sort of thing.  That sort of thing mostly being things I make with fabric and scissors and thread and occasional swearing.

With daylight savings time, it’s dark by the time we get home from work and difficult to take a good, flash-free photo.  So here’s a cruddy picture that shows that the Sprout has grown considerably in the last month.  Too bad you can’t see her mad Richard Simmon’s aerobics moves!



Originally uploaded by ndmiller


6 responses to “Baby Bump, 6 Months

  1. Looking great! And you’re on the downhill slide! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving…are you climbing Mt Tabor again this year? We’re getting together w/ our duplex-mates.

  2. Are you really six months along? Time flies–when you’re not the one with a human being in your uterus. You look great!

  3. You look fantastic and beautiful! Are all of the aerobics keeping you from getting to sleep?

  4. I think you look great. Keep the pictures coming.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments! She’s not keeping me up at night….yet. I can see that may be coming around the corner as she gets bigger and stronger.

  6. ack! you are soooooo cute!!!

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