Thanksgiving Tradition

Most people have Thanksgiving traditionS.  Not us, with just the two of us and no family around we seem to end up doing something different every year.  We make different recipes.  We hang out with different friends.  But we do have one and only one tradition: Thanksgiving morning we take a brisk hike on Mt. Tabor, the extinct volcano/city park a couple of miles from our house.  It’s one of our favorite places in Portland.  From the top you can look to the west and see all of downtown Portland stretched out before you.  To the west you can see a gorgeously-framed view of Mt. Hood on a sunny day.  And if you’re lucky and know just where to look you can often see Mt. St. Helens through the trees to the south.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!  Here are a few pictures from our hike today before we went to dinner at our friends’ house.

P.S. If you’ve got special Thanksgiving traditions, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

P.P.S. It’s easier to get hunting dogs to hold still for a photo when there are SQUIRRELLLLLLS on the ground behind the photographer.

Here There Be Squirrels


2 responses to “Thanksgiving Tradition

  1. Hey Deb – great pictures, and wish I was there! Jenny and I ran the “Turkey Run” on Thanksgiving morning (actually, I jogged while pushing Ty – 2.5 yrs – in the stroller, so I had a mild handicap). =) We all had fun, but Ty was troubled by the people throwing their cups on the ground after the water station. =) The picture of your baby bump is also great – can’t wait to buy her pink stuff. love ya, Wen

  2. Deb, Maybe your dogs can come squirrel hunting in my attic! We’ve caught four so far in a live trap. Arggh!

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