Baby Bump, 7 months (plus a little)

I’m definitely starting to feel the effects of this pregnancy on my body.  Perhaps you can see the circles under my eyes indicating the need for sleep and also the fact that sleep has never come easily for me.  Add to that the need to come to full consciousness whenever I want to switch positions during the night and you have one tired woman.  There have been days when I’ve gotten home from work at 4:30 and promptly laid down to take an hour and a half nap–just so I could function.  Other pregnancy symptoms: anemia (a whole barrage of vitamin supplements to the rescue), very sore hip joints (an appointment with a chiropractor coming up soon), and breathlessness whenever I exert myself physically.

All of these things are tolerable and the Sprout appears to be growing rapidly.  She continues to move a lot, sometimes kicking me so strongly in the middle of a meeting that I’m afraid I’ll break out giggling.

Several women have come up to me and said things like, “Don’t you just love being pregnant!  It’s so magical!”  Ummm.  Magical is not really the word I would use to describe it.  Uncomfortable.  Fascinating.  Natural.  Those words would be closer to my experience.  It feels organic and raw and real.  Although the Sprout doesn’t really have a name or a face in my imagination yet, she is no longer an alien or a stranger but a familiar spirit, a companion.

I’m glad there’s only a little over two more months to go until we get to meet her in person.


6 responses to “Baby Bump, 7 months (plus a little)

  1. You look great, Deb. And I love the words you used to describe pregnancy. Those were more my experience than the word “magical” was. I also love how you describe her as a familiar spirit and a companion. That’s still what I consider both of my children. It is hard to describe why. May these last weeks go quickly!!

  2. That turning over at night is an acrobatic act if ever there was one. I always wanted one of those body pillows but had to just use two or seven of the regular ones.

    I used to always tell people — in my misery and lack of sleep — that at least I knew where my child was and at least he was being quiet. (Look at me and my cup-half-full mentality!)

  3. You are looking good!

  4. Great post! I am 31 weeks today, with my second child…a boy. My first pregnancy was magical; very easy, not much discomfort, no complications (until the end). This guy is much different. You name it and I feel it. Not to mention the fact that I surpassed my first pregnancy weight gain weeks ago, and have never felt so huge! Can’t wait to meet my son and get my body back!

  5. You are looking so good. Makes it seem a little more real to me. How’s the Wise and Bearded One holding out? 🙂 I can’t wait to se you as parents. You’ll be great! Hope you continue to do well.

  6. You look so good, Deb! Can’t wait to learn to know your little Sprout sometime! Thanks for the pics for those of us so far away…=)

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