From the Pregnancy Calendar

On being 39 weeks pregnant: “You may find it difficult to get motivated for anything and prefer to laze around and wait – or you may go the other extreme and want to be doing everything. For instance the nesting instinct may make you want to rearrange your baby’s room, the cupboards or do some last minute baby shopping.”

That sounds about right. I’m generally torn between the two–exhausted but many things I’d like to do yet.


4 responses to “From the Pregnancy Calendar

  1. I’ve been thinking about you…wondering when, and waiting to hear the news! I wish you a good and safe delivery!

  2. It’s sounding a bit like you are in the nesting stage.

  3. All the best as you wind out the last few days of pregnancy. Many happy blessings and goodness to you!

  4. Ah, Deb, you’re almost there!! So very
    happy for you and wishes for a wonderful,
    safe delivery. You’re in my prayers!

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