Baby “Bump”, 9 months and counting

img_1160_edited-11 Nate says I look like a sine curve in this photo.  It’s all baby, folks.  There’s not much space left in there and the Sprout is squirming a lot trying to stretch out her arms and legs.

I’m still feeling remarkably good compared to the complaints I’ve heard from other women in their 39th week.  Up through this Friday, I was working full-time.  I had enough energy to do my job every day but I pretty much collapsed every night when I came home from work and had no energy for basic household tasks, baby preparations or even blogging.  I decided to start my maternity leave a week earlier than I had originally intended just so I have some time to sleep, work around the house and take care of myself.  I hope I don’t regret it.  I’d hate to burn up an extra week of maternity leave sans baby if she decides to be late.  I’m taking the 12 weeks permitted by federal law but then I have to go back to work for the last couple of weeks of the school year or else I would have to pay our health insurance for the summer.  Since all 3 of us will be on my insurance, that would be an expensive move.

When I go back to work, Nate will take part of his leave to stay home with the Sprout so we won’t need to find childcare just yet.  We do think we have a good lead on a neighbor who takes care of a few wee ones in her home, but we’re glad we don’t have to make that decision until later in the fall.

Nate’s been doing lots of the work around the house since I’ve been pretty much completely useless.   He cooks, he cleans, he rewired the living room and is putting up trim, he installed new fire extinguishers throughout the  house.  So far, I think he’s done more “nesting” than I have.

I have been working some on the nursery and organizing baby stuff.  I’ll try to get some pictures on here this week since I hope to have the luxury of time to do so.

Corrections: Nate has installed new SMOKE DETECTORS through the whole house, not fire extinguishers….what was I thinking!? And he also wants me to note that, along with being an all-around handy husband, he has been working hard to grow out a full Amish beard.


11 responses to “Baby “Bump”, 9 months and counting

  1. Looking good! Waiting for news.

  2. She is no longer a ‘sprout’, I can’t wait till she’s actually here! I can’t wait to be Aunti Stacey

  3. Beth (Ockers) Esdale

    Hi Deb! I got the photos you sent this past week and wanted to thank you so much for them. It’s fun seeing you “great with child” on your blog, and I’m looking forward to the good news of “Baby Bump’s” arrival in the next week or two! Thanks again for coming so far to my wedding – that meant so much to me! Love always, Beth P.S. Come visit us anytime!!!!

  4. Yeah, I’ve heard most expectant mothers rewire at least one room in the week before they’re due. Can’t wait to hear that the Sprout’s arrival is imminent. Oh, and meeting her!

  5. Sine curve. I love it. Not a bell curve, eh?

  6. for a minute, i was pretty impressed by the fact that you had multiple fire extinguishers in the house!

  7. You look great! Praying for a good, safe delivery!

    So, is Nate going to model his “Amish beard?”

    Love ya!

  8. I’m reaching through cyberspace and patting your belly. You look great. Hope all goes well!

  9. Getting closer!! It will be soon now, I would venture to guess! Thanks for the update! Have a good relaxing week!


  10. oooohh!!! look at you!!! you look great!

  11. You never do know what babies will get into. Maybe fire extinguishers scattered through the house would come in handy. Jeff and I actually had to use ours last week when I glanced out the window at our grill to discover flames pouring out the side of it. A tragic loss of good sirloin…and a bit confusing as to why it happened.

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