Fortunate Child


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I remember in January FREAKING OUT that we didn’t have the things we needed to have a baby in our house. But as usual, there was no need to worry, in the last couple of weeks our friends and family have really taken good care of us.

–Friends Liane, Rachel and Debra contributed BAGS of hand-me-down clothing. Really lovely little things.
–Lisa, Debra and Jim also “got rid of” baby swings and bouncers and strollers by giving them to us.
–Uncle Chris and Aunt Chrissy sent a car seat.
–Uncle Dave and Aunt Agne sent a whole box of cloth diapers.
–Craigslist (see, Craig and his list usually come through for us) provided a lightly-used Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper so the baby can sleep right next to our bed.
–Stacey and Cindy hosted a “bring your favorite children’s book” baby shower for my co-workers. This child has an excellent library and she’s not even born yet.
–Michelle hosted a baby shower with friends from church. You can see the picture of some of the great gifts the Sprout got. I love the DwellBaby stuff from Target and I also love the little hats that my friend Amy knitted.
–Over the past couple of weeks packages from friends and family far away keep arriving at our door. I love getting packages so it has been a real treat. Plus some of these packages contain Target gift cards so we’ve been able to buy “boring” things like baby lotion and powder.

And so many friends have emailed or facebooked or called just to say they’re thinking about us and praying for us. We are blessed and our child is a fortunate child to be so loved before she’s even born.


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  1. “The sun has set not long ago, and everybody goes below…”

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