Waiting on You

Dear Sprout,

Hello there, baby girl!  I know it’s got to be tight in there because you’re doing a lot of stretching these days and there’s just no place to go but out.   And, speaking of “out”, you are now 5 days past your due date. While I realize you are technically not LATE until we get to 42 weeks, I kindly request that you consider coming before then.

You see, there’s this thing called a maternity leave.  In our country I only get 12 weeks to meet you before I must go back to work. Yes, I know 12 weeks is not enough to adjust to being a family but it’s all we’ve got.  We’re working to change the laws to get longer (and paid) maternity leaves but for now I only get 12 weeks. And, you see, I’ve already burned through a week and a half of leave and you haven’t arrived. I don’t know if you can do math yet, but that means we only get 10 weeks together. I’m not complaining. I really needed the last week and a half to get ready to meet you. But now I’m ready.

So come on, baby girl!  It’s not too scary out here now that we have new President and all.  Your daddy and the doggies can’t wait to meet you.

Your Mama


7 responses to “Waiting on You

  1. Great post, Mama. I’ve been thinking about you. Here’s to a speedy and safe delivery — and to LOVING your little girl.


  2. Hi Deb! Hope today is a good day! Glad for you that you were able to get everything ready for the little miss. Praying everything goes well! Just so you know we are waiting for the news…=) (when it’s time)

  3. Love the letter, Deb. Perhaps you’re in labor as I write this. Emma came the day after I wrote her an eviction notice. Thinking of you and praying for a good delivery and adjustment!!

  4. aw! we miss you! give her hugs and kisses for us! anything you need from the east coast for your little one?

  5. Thanks friends! Kris, I love the idea of an eviction notice. Maybe I’ll have to try that. And Tabitha Jane, all I really want is for you to come and give me a massage 🙂 Too bad you don’t have bionic arms that can reach across the country.

  6. I liked the eviction idea as well. Good letter Deb. I feel for you. They are however more work after they come out but then Nate can share in the care giving a bit more.

  7. Deb, I left a message on your other blog asking about the date, and now I see it here. What a sweet sweet letter for your baby girl. I hope you print it off and put it in her baby book. I can’t wait to hear the name you’ve picked for her and to see pictures. Your wait is almost over. You are sooo close. You won’t believe the love at first sight you will feel. I’m so happy for you. So is Donovan. 🙂

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