Two Weeks Old

Dear Silvie,

It’s hard to believe that only two weeks ago you were born.  You’ve learned so much about being part of this world and we’ve learned so much about being your mama and papa.

Two weeks ago, I remember your first sneezes.  You’d never sneezed before and you were NOT happy with how sneezing made you feel.  Today you cough and sneeze as if it were old hat.  You’ve learned to nurse and pee and poop and cry.  That might not seem like a lot to more experienced humans, but there was definitely a learning curve for you for all of these bodily functions and you’ve been an eager student.

Once we figured out the nursing thing, you latched on like a champ and rapidly regained your birth weight plus some.  You had scrawny chicken arms and legs when you were born and now they’ve filled out nice and round.  Your cheeks are plump and perfect for kissing.  You don’t mind when I kiss you but when your papa kisses you with his scratchy mustache and goatee you flinch and pull away.  He did shave off the full beard he had before you were born, because he wanted to be able to rub his cheeks up against yours.

You’re doing really good at sleeping at night for which we are very grateful.  Usually you are sleeping in nice 3 or 4 hour chunks, then you wake up to eat and be changed and generally go back to sleep within an hour.  Thank you, baby. Your mama is just NO GOOD at extreme sleep deprivation.

To make up for the good sleeping at night, you’ve developed a pattern of not sleeping well during the day.  When you’re full and dry and happy you have a few minutes of charming bright-eyed, wide-awake time.  Then you gradually become sleepy and start yawning and fussing.  We swaddle you and hold you and rock you or walk around and you calm down pretty quickly.  Your eyes shut and we think you are asleep so we lay you in your bed.  Not so fast, mama and papa!  Within minutes, you start fussing again and will not quit until you are picked up.  So far the best solution seems to be to wrap you up in the Moby or the sling and wear you as we move around the house.  As long as we keep moving, you sleep.  The worst part is when I need to take a nap too and you aren’t buying it.   I guess that’s the next lesson we need to work on: sleeping in your co-sleeper during the day.

Overall, you have been a delightful baby.  You generally fuss just loud enough to let us know that you need attention.  We only hear your angry cry when you are being changed or bathed and you calm down quickly once we stop “torturing” you.  Your papa likes holding you and most evenings you snuggle up with him while he watches the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

The dogs are used to having you around by now.  When you first came home they were clearly curious about you.  When you squeaked they tried to figure out what sort of animal WERE you?  Keegan would cock her head to one side and listen.  When you cried they would come back to our bedroom to check what was going on.  Now they seem used to you and Keegan generally ignores you.  Abraham, on the other hand, is often near you, sniffing you and trying to get in a few licks to see what you taste like.  After several “disciplinary incidents” he’s getting the picture that the parental units are serious about defending their young.  I think they’ll like you better once you start throwing food on the floor.

Silvie, we waited a long time to have a baby and here you are now turning our lives upside down and it’s this crazy, surreal experience.  Every so often your papa and I look at each other and think “We have a BABY!?!”  As if we’re really not quite sure how this all happened and what to think about it.  But even more frequently we look at each other and at you, and we are overwhelmed with love and amazement that you have come to join us and make us into a family.




8 responses to “Two Weeks Old

  1. You said it so well. 🙂

  2. Thanks. You warmed a mama’s heart.

  3. That is so sweet!

  4. Precious!

  5. What a sweet, sweet letter to your precious baby.

  6. Isn’t it so amazing how this little tiny baby girl can change your world? Now can you even imagine what life was like 2 1/2 weeks ago?

    What a sweet tribute to your little sweet baby.

  7. Love this and the pictures! Thanks for keeping us posted.

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