Floor Time Video for Grandma

uploaded by ndmiller

In the last week, Silvie’s really increased in alertness.  After she eats and gets her diaper changed, she usually has about 30 minutes of wide-eyed happy time (before she descends into unhappy fighting-sleep time).  She wants to be paid attention to, and she wants to be able to flap her arms and bicycle her legs (much to her papa’s enjoyment as he’s sure she’s building some good muscles for future cycling fame).  She’s started to make more noises too, both happy little coos and unhappy little yelps.

We put her on her blanket for some floor time.  This makes her a prime target for Abraham, who believes that anything placed on the floor is put there for his express enjoyment.  We’ve been allowing him to sniff her and even sneak in a few licks but we’re really on his case if he becomes “aggressively friendly” as he’s known to do.  As our friend Jason noted, for Silvie to be licked by Abraham is akin to you or I being licked by a Clydesdale.

There’s another video over here on Flickr if one is just not enough for ya.  Oh, and please pardon the poor picture quality. These short videos are shot with our handy point-n-shoot Panasonic.


3 responses to “Floor Time Video for Grandma

  1. I love seeing her in action…so sweet!

  2. Nearly brings tears to my eyes! She is sooo sweet! I so want to hold her in my arms.

  3. What a sweet little girl. Aren’t you amazed how much she changes in just one week? Loved the video. Wish I could hold her. >3

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