When the Sun Shines…

The other weekend it was absolutely gorgeous here…sunny and in the 70s.  The gardening bug bit bigtime.  Nate “tilled” our three raised beds and added some composted chicken poop.  Our beds are 3 x 5 feet and about 8 inches deep.  I try to follow some of the Square-Foot Gardening tips, but I am by no means a good vegetable gardener.  I’m grateful that I don’t have to count on our garden to supply our food needs.  But it is nice when we can supplement our diet with truly locally-grown food.

I planted one bed full with radishes, carrots, mesclun mix, and green beans.   The radishes and mesclun (lettuces) sprouted up within a week.  On Easter weekend I planted another of the beds with basil, cilantro, dill (I LOVE fresh herbs) and two kinds of chard.  We could still get a killing frost but I’m counting against it.  Even if it did frost the first bed would probably be ok and I have enough seeds to replant the second bed if I had to.  I’ll wait a little longer before planting the last raised bed with more “salad”–lettuces, radishes, carrots, etc.  And maybe I’ll try my hand at growing some brussel sprouts this year.

Nate’s just cleared another area in the side yard where I’ll put some tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.  I’ll wait another couple of weeks until frost danger is truly over and then I’ll buy the largest starts I can find of these plants at the nursery.  I only want 2 or 3 plants each so it doesn’t seem worth it to try to start them from seed.

While Nate and I gardened, Silvie obliged by sleeping in her car seat/seed holder (see post below).  Abe found a place in the sun where he is nearly the same color as the gravel…he likes camouflage like that.  Keegan has figured out how to roll her ball under the new gate so that it lands out in the garden area.  Then she whines until one of us throws the ball back into the backyard.  Repeat three hundred and eighty-five times.  That dog truly has obsessive compulsive disorder.


One response to “When the Sun Shines…

  1. We’re interested in doing raised beds this year too – any helpful websites on how to build them, etc.?

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