Six weeks may not be the kindest age for a baby.  Silvie’s formerly clear skin is now pimpled with baby acne.  She lost the front half of her hair except for a few long strands and is now growing back some very short and possibly darker hair.  So basically it looks like she has a five-o’clock shadow on the front half of her head.  She’s also been scratching herself despite our best attempts to keep her fingernails from being long enough to do any damage.

She makes up for all of these “cosmetic flaws” but cranking out these ridiculously over-the-top smiles.  She uses these to charm us into doing her will.  Her wish is our command.  We feel so special when she blesses us with her benevolent gaze.  And then so confused when she goes on to  grin and talk to the ceiling, the back of the sofa, and the light in the bedroom.   What?!  Are the folks who feed you, cloth you, diaper you and comfort you no more special then the furniture in your world?!


10 responses to “Charmer

  1. Awww she is adorable x

  2. Oh, that’s just great. My first boy was just like that. I would take him to church and people would peer into the carseat-carrier and say, “My…he is so….BIG!”

    We had a lot of fun with his pre-pubescent face. It went away in a few months, though. But still. It was pretty bad there for a while.

  3. It looks like she is doing what most babies do. Perfect skin that gets exposed to the real world. She is still cute!

  4. Oh, Deb – she’s darling! Absolutely, 100% pure sweetness! Love that smile.

  5. Isn’t she just the sweetest?!

  6. I LOVE her!!! Even with a mostly bald head and pimples she is my current favorite baby. 🙂

  7. Sylvie is SOO adorable – very fun to see her personality emerging. Hope you’re doing well, Deb. Miss you!

  8. oh! i want to give her a HUGE kiss!!!!

  9. Thanks for all the baby love, friends. Tabitha, I gave her a big SMOOCH just for you.

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