On Sunday Mornings….

Yes, I know it’s Thursday.  We’re just a little behind with posting these days.

There’s a little story that goes along with these pictures.  When we were expecting a baby, I made a long list of names that I loved (Ava, Sela, Raina,  Elise, Serena, Ruby, Emmaline, Sophia, etc.).   I think naming is important (nod to Madeline L’Engle), and I had certain criteria that any name had to meet.  So I’d make my list, and then ,of course, Nathan wouldn’t really like any of them.  So I’d start another list and keep wearing him down with my favorites.  Finally, we got down to three names that met my criteria and that we both could tolerate: Lucia/Lucy, Eleanor/Ellie, and Sylvia/Sylvie (we went with the more Latin spelling later).  Ellie Miller just had too many L’s in it so we eliminated that one.  That left us with Lucia and Sylvia, and we were stuck there for a long time.  Neither of us had a strong preference for either name.

One day, with the birth looming over us, I made up some sentences for what I thought each name would say about the little girl’s character.  My sentences were:  “On Saturdays, Lucy comes home from her soccer game and climbs up in her tree house to read Anne of Green Gables” and “On Sunday mornings, Sylvie goes with Papa to the bakery to have chocolate croissants.”   We have a tradition of going out for coffee before or after  church (or in lieu of–shh!! don’t tell!) on Sunday mornings.  Little t American Baker on Division is Nate’s current favorite stop for Stumptown coffee and fabulous chocolate croissants (or pan chocolat, I believe, the French would call them).

While I could see myself as the mama of a Lucy- or a Silvie-girl, the chocolate croissant sentence seemed to seal the deal for Nate.  And therefore, Silvie must go to the bakery to have chocolate croissants with Papa on Sunday mornings.


5 responses to “On Sunday Mornings….

  1. I’m with you (and Madeline L’Engle) and naming is really important, and really liked your method for choosing a name. I’ll have to keep the sentence writing in mind. And I think you chose a beautiful name for your little Sprout.

  2. I love it! And I can see how that would do it for Nate. 🙂 I loved the name without the story, but that makes it even better! Mmm… (I think I’ve had those chocolate croissants.)

  3. I love your name stories! I once heard of a person trying out a name by yelling it out the back door. I had tried to convince Jason about “Lucy” as a back-up girl name for Jack, just in case the ultrasound was glaringly wrong.

  4. lovely story. I am a Madeline L’Engle fan too. Got to listen to her speak at my high school library years ago. Which book are you referring to regarding the names?

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