Two Months Old

Dear Silvie,

It’s hard to believe that 9 weeks have already passed since you were born.  It’s gone so quickly and I still think of you as a newborn until I look at the pictures from those first few weeks and I see that you have grown so much already.

You still have your papa’s coppery-colored hair although you lost the front half of it and it is growing back a soft fuzz.  Your eyebrows are very pale but your dark eyelashes frame your eyes beautifully.  Your eyes still haven’t announced their final color but they are too muddy to be called blue anymore.  Lately several friends have said that you are starting to look like me with the shape of your face, nose, expressions, etc. (sorry, little one).  So you are currently looking like a good mix of both of us, not like the “calico kitten” that we’d joked about before you were born (half red head, half dark).

In the past month you have unfurled yourself and filled out your skin.  The other day, you weighed in at 11 pounds 13 ounces…3 pounds more than your birth weight.  Although you’ve filled out some, you are still long and slender except for your “milk belly” (beer belly for babies).  You have very long fingers and they dance through the air as you wave your hands and kick your legs.

You have daily floor time and you can now hold your head up really well when you’re laying on your tummy.  About half a dozen times in the past week you’ve rolled over.  Usually, this startles you and makes you cry, but I’m sure purposeful rolling about is not far into your future.

The most fun baby feature the last week or so has been your increased engagement with people.  I took you to school to meet my colleagues, and you were totally alert and charming for hours on end.  You were delighted to have so many people making fools of themselves over you.  You especially liked C., a 16-year-old guy who used to be a student of mine.  He was ga-ga over you and you were completely charmed by this lanky, pimply teen.  Of course, it could be that you liked his bright yellow hat as well.

You are engaging in entire cooing, oohing and ahhing conversations with me.  You fully expect reciprocity.  You are also grinning at yourself in the mirror and talking to yourself.  You don’t like any toys yet, EXCEPT for your “peeps”–the black and white smiley faces on foamcore that you smile at and talk to during floor time.

This is my last week of maternity leave.  I have liked being home with you more than I thought I would.  But I like my job and I’m ready to get back to it for the last four weeks of the school year.  I probably wouldn’t be going back so easily if I knew I had to leave you in daycare.  Fortunately, your papa is taking leave from his job so he can stay home with you for a couple of weeks, and your Grandma Mary is coming to hang out with you too.  I know that I’ve felt these last nine weeks have let me develop a strong bond with you, and I’m glad your Papa will get some alone time with you too.  I’m anticipating that you will be a real daddy’s girl.  And I’m ok with that because your Papa is my favorite person in the world and I’m happy to share him with you.


Your Mama


8 responses to “Two Months Old

  1. Really Deb…your letters make me a little teary. So sweet. So much from the heart. You have a great way with words friend.

  2. Opps…that was me not D.


  3. I’m teary too, Deb. What a gorgeous letter — and such a darling little girl.

  4. Ditto for me. My emotions were stirred, my throat was constricted by the end of the letter. What a fortunate little girl to have such love and devotion from Mommy and Daddy.

  5. She is beautiful. I agree – this was heart warming to read. Silvie is a lucky little girl. 🙂

  6. I was teary as well! What a sweet letter, to such a darling little girl! I am so looking forward to meeting her in person! I’m afraid I’ll want to stay… 🙂 I’m torn at times, wishing I could be in four places.

  7. Another sweet letter and adorable pictures. That is so great that Nate can take time off to be with Silvie. Grandma Mary is very excited to come for a visit.

  8. So sweet. I’m so glad you had a kid! It’s nice to be reminded of why people do that. 🙂

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