Indulge us…

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes
We’re nuts about bikes and don’t think that seven bicycles are enough. Especially now that we have Silvie. We’re going to need a way to haul her and a sack of groceries or the family haul of library books. Enter these fabulous cargo bikes! We’d love to have one and Madsen is giving away two of these bikes in July. All we have to do is put the button on our blog and then have people click on it. So click on it, ‘k? Thanks.


4 responses to “Indulge us…

  1. you’ve been reading ohdeedoh’s blog tonight haven’t you? This bike caught my eye too. Personally, I would love to have an adult tricycle, so I would be sure never to dump anyone or thing out!

  2. What button are we to click on?

  3. Have you looked at these: I’ve kept the idea in the back of my mind since running across them a couple years ago. You can configure them similar to the Madsen, but the price is about 1/4 of a full cargo bike. Maybe one of your 7 bikes could be sacrificed…

  4. i clicked on it twice from work (for good measure) and will also click on it from my computer at home, maury’s computer and isaiah’s computer. viva la madsen!

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