Three Months

Dear Silvie–

Three months marks the end of the “fourth trimester” according to some people.  Already you are less baby and more little girl full of curiosity and toothless grins. You are 14 pounds of squirmy these days.  You move constantly and your movements are starting to be much more purposeful in nature.  You can stick both of your hands in your mouth, sometimes simultaneously.  But you haven’t quite figured out how to to stick your thumb out and suck on it so you suck on your first two fingers.

The other week I found a play mat for you at the second hand store and scored a whole bag of toys to hang from it at a garage sale for a buck.  You like laying underneath the giant smiley sun and batting at your toys hanging down from it.  You also like to stand up and you can stay standing for quite awhile supporting your own body weight and using your papa’s hands for balance.

You’ve been home with your papa the last three weeks while I’ve been back at work.  It’s been fun to watch him work on figuring out this fatherhood thing.  I love how both of your faces light up when you grin at each other.  One more week of school for me and then I get to be at home with you for the summer.  I’m looking forward to it because I’ll get to spend more time with you AND I’ll get a little more sleep.

You are getting a little better at sleeping yourself.  We’re working on developing a bedtime routine.  Every night around 8 o’clock we give you a bath, feed you and sing you the “Jesus Loves Silvie” song.  Every night I tell you that “Mama loves Silvie and Papa loves Silvie and Grandma loves Silvie and Grandpa loves Silvie and Abraham loves Silvie and even Keegan Loves Silvie.  You are loved and chosen.”  I swaddle you up and stick you in your co-sleeper and leave the room.  Sometimes you’re out before your head even hits the mattress.  Other times you suck vigorously on your pacifier and listen to a few songs on your lullaby c.d. before you quit fighting sleep.

Just recently you’ve started sleeping from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. without interruption.  Thank you, baby!  Then you nurse and need your diaper changed, and then you make it another stint until about 5 or 6 o’clock.  At that  time you mistakenly believe the night is over and it is now time to play.  I feed you and change you and pop you back in bed beside your papa where you coo and grin and kick while I get ready for work.  Sometimes I think he convinces you to go back to sleep for a little while longer and sometimes you convince him to get up to play with you.  That’s how you know he loves you, because he wouldn’t get out of bed for just anyone.

You are loved and chosen, Silvie.  You are loved and chosen.

Your mama


3 responses to “Three Months

  1. My mother and father in law just gave me a book called The Family Blessing by Rolf Garborb. I think it might be something you and Nate would really like for your “loved and chosen one”. The main idea is speaking/praying a blessing over your child(ren) each night or at special events in their lives for the their whole lives. I’ve only read the first few pages so far, but I immediately went home and spoke a blessing over Ella as she lay in bed that night.

    • Stephanie,
      That sounds like a great idea. I got my “You are loved and chosen” line from Anne Lamott who blesses her Sunday school students with it.

  2. I’m a puddle now. *sniff* Thanks.

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