Reason #2343 to Love Portland: Crystal Spring Rhododendron Garden

Whew!  The school year is finally over and I feel like I’m coming up for air!  The last four weeks have been a whirlwind that left little time for luxuries like blogging.  So we’re a little behind here in the blogland.  Bear with us while we post a few things well after they actually happened.

Nate’s mom, Mary, came to visit us in Portland in May.  We’d like to believe she actually came to see Nate and I, but you all know that the real attraction was little Miss Silvie-girl.  Mary was here my first week back to work and Nate’s first week of being a stay-at-home papa.  Whenever we have out-of-town guests we try to take them to some of our favorite places, but Mary’s been here a couple of times and we’d already shown her our usual faves: the Japanese garden, Rose Garden, Powells, waterfalls in the Gorge, etc.  We had to get a little more creative.

So we walked on down to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden (say THAT three times fast), a park within walking distance of our house that we often forget exists.  The Rhody garden was developed in the 1950s d0wn by Reed College, and it is just gorgeous in the spring.  It’s a bit of a hidden garden– there is not much to see from the road, but there are paths and springs and waterfalls and ponds and bridges tucked in among hundreds of rhodies, azaleas and Japanese maples.  Lovely.

Credit for the first two photos goes to Mary Miller.


3 responses to “Reason #2343 to Love Portland: Crystal Spring Rhododendron Garden

  1. I LOVE that place. When lived over there, we went all the time….. it is a great way to kill an hour or two with a toddler, by the way.
    I LOVE the picture of Silvie with her tongue out! She is great!

  2. We STILL have not made it there! I always forget about it. Might need to take our “Grandma Mary” there when she comes in a few weeks.

  3. i love Silvie’s cute little tongue sticking out!

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